What the …?

RPG Pitches is a database collecting small snippets of teasing material, helping you to … well … pitch that game to your potential players. They are meant to quickly inform your players about what they ought to expect of a game, not to trick them into playing!

These pitches come in different flavors, depending on the attention span and level of interest of your listeners.

Here they come, in ascending order of length:

[+] Tagline
A tagline is a teasing subtitle for a game, consisting only of a couple of carfeully chosen words. A tagline should be evocative and engaging.
[+] Elevator Pitch
The elevator pitch is a brief Overview over the basics and (most importantly) the selling points of the game. What is it comparable to? What does it do differently? What is most remarkable about it? Try to use no more than 3 sentences.
[+] Abstract
The abstract is a more thorough description of the game. For whom is the game suited? How is it played? Does it have a setting? If so, what are its key components? What player roles are there? What will the players be doing? What are the main mechanics? How do they interact?
[+] Tech-Demo
A tech-demo is a brief introduction into some (usually the main) aspects of a game system. It is a heavily streamlined excerpt of full gameplay. It may include semi-scripted examples of mechanics, aspects of character creation, scenes from the game, segueways into other aspects of the game and basically anything else that would be important to see about a game.

You can search this database in variety of manners and rate pitches you like or dislike to help other people to quickly find the best suited pitches.

Also, you might abuse this database to find new systems of interest to you. Just saying.

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